Mini Quran Read Pen QT701 with Word by Word Maximize

Mini Quran Read Pen QT701 with Word by Word

Mini Quran Read Pen QT701 with Word by Word

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Al Quran Read Pen QT701 with 4GB Memory and Word by Word, Muslim Gift



Touch, Listen and Learn. It's that Simple!


Very Intuitive, User Interactive and Easy to Use. Just Point at ANY Surah, Ayah/Verse or even a Word in the Nicely Printed Koran and the Audio Recording of that Part will Come out  automatically from the Pen

Best Quality at Best Price and with 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty


Quran-Pen is the Best Gift for Every Muslim!  Great Tool for Quran Memorization and Understanding 

- Easy Quran and Islam Teachings Learning

- Read and Listen to Quran Any Where Any Time

- Helps in Quran Memorization with 

- Three Times Repeat Function

- Quran Translations, Full Hadith and Hajj Islamic Library

Features and Contents

The most attractive part of Quran Read Pen device is that it starts the Recitation from where you want;  just point the device at any surah, page, ayah/verse or even a word  of the nice printed  Holy Quran. 

 General Features

 1.Smart design

 2.Clear and loud sound with built-in speakers and Headphone

 3. Beautiful Pen with beautiful Gift Packing

 4. Includes Beautiful printed Holy Quran

 5. Internal 480mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

 6. Travel friendly Universal AC Charger works in all voltage ranges (110-240volts). 

 7. Flat and round pins for your choice.

8.4GB Flash Memory for additional storage of tafseers, recitations and MP3 files

9.New function: Repeat three times.

10.Listen and learn Holy Quran word by word, ayat to ayat.

11.Bilingual combination(Default Arabic with one of other 20 translations)

12.17 famous reciters and 21 translation for your choice

13.Easy connect to PC through USB: connect pen to the PC for charging or copy data files

14.High quality voice

15.Fast software: audio is played as soon as you point at the printed Holy Quran

16.Mini Quran and small Read Pen

17. 0.4kg/set only,put into your pocket, easy to carry

  • Quran Read Pen with 4GB Memory
  • Learn Holy Quran Word by Word, Ayat to Ayat
  • New Function: Repeat three times
  • 17 reciters and 21 translations
  • Quran MP3 player
  • Mini Quran Read Pen
  • pocket pen,easy to carry

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Mini Quran Read Pen QT701 with Word by Word

Mini Quran Read Pen QT701 with Word by Word

Mini Quran Read Pen QT701 with Word by Word

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